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Existence Exists

The self-sufficient fact. There is something out there (all of existence), and the first thing we can say about it is that it simply is.

You Exist Possessing Consciousness

Consciousness is perceiving that which exists. If you grasped Fact One, you had to land here. This one is implied in your acknowledgement of existence.

A is A

A thing is itself. To be is to be something. Trees are not telephones and red is not spare tire, for instance. This is the law of identity.

This is meant to be my formulation of my understanding of Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I may make mistakes along the way. Don't attribute them to Miss Rand. Also, I don't claim that I authored these ideas. This is just my restatement of them.

log (lôg) n. a record of details of a voyage made by a ship's captain or crew