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Deer May Wish To Go 'Peacefully'
by Jeremy Browning
May. 19, 2006 01:55

I hear people talk about how it would be nice to die in one's sleep, rather than of illness, or other causes.

I wonder if deer think that about dying while being hunted by man.

Of course deer don't think, but it's interesting to imagine comic-like deer saying, "Man, that's the way to go out. Chowing on some autumn grass one minute and then gone in a flash with a bullet to the heart."

"Yeah, no CWD, no loosing antler battles, no becoming too weak to paw the snow deep enough to find grass."

"No being eaten alive by a lion."

"Amen, Brother. Frickin torn to bits and bleeding to death. "

Most deer don't know they're being shot at; they die by a slug of lead and copper traveling faster than the speed of sound.

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