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Reality: The Ultimate Arbiter + Your Friend
by Jeremy Browning
Aug. 25, 2006 11:10

I like to keep reality on my side, or rather, align myselft with reality. When I get frustrated about all of the nonsense that abounds in our public discourse, on the news and in the schools, I remember not to get too frustrated.

Those who advocate solutions not based in reality may or may not ever recognize that they are silly.

And that's OK.

Ideas and philosophies that are anti-reality are just plain impotent. So when you hear a politician or pundit saying all we really need to do is sit down and negotiate with Islamic terrorists, remember that reality trumps his feelings about the issue.

Yesterday on the Ed Schultz Show, I actually heard a guy say, "If you're not going to negotiate with your enemies, who are you going to negotiate with?"


I know, and the reality is, that negotiation is not possible where no compromise is possible. And there is no compromise possible between the ambitions of those who want to kill us and our right to live. What would be the middle ground?

Ed Schultz' braniac followers, and appeasers the world over may frustrate the hell out of me. But reality is the ultimate arbiter and reality will prevail.

Edited Aug. 25, 2006 11:14


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