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Today's Important News
by Jeremy Browning
Dec. 11, 2006 23:28

Students in Iran protest Ahmadinejad when he speaks.

Those words were today's headlines -- in my opinion. Some channels couldn't carry it, but had room for stories like "What's in a name for Barack Obama."

Just hilarious.

So here's the news. Ahmadinejad was heckled in Iran while speaking to Iranian college students. They chanted "death to the dictator." (story @ So despite our country's love affair with the guy, sounds like some Iranian students can think for themselves.

He responded to the heckling, saying, "Today, the worst type of dictatorship in the world is the American dictatorship which has been clothed in human rights."

Yeah, what a horrible dictatorship. Everyone should be so punished as me to live in a place so plentiful and free.

I have a blast in America.

You should try it. We go to work. We have barbecues. We go to the movies, eat pizza and lay in the sun. We work 60-hour weeks to make 60 Gs and we deserve it all: the running water, the electricity, the right to blog about idiots in our own country and abroad.

I feel like a king here in America. And consider that I'm on the low end of the financial spectrum and the losing end of the political spectrum. Yet I live a relatively peaceful, unpersecuted life.

Christ, if they succeed in destroying this wonderful place called America, what a ridiculous mistake that will be for history to record.

(Who are they? ... anti-industrialists, postmodernists, deconstructionists, nearly everyone left of John McCain, John McCain, global warming alarmists, if I went to college with you, then probably you. And many more on a ... to come ... comprehensive list.)

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