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A Glimmer Of Hope On NPR
by Jeremy Browning
Jan. 24, 2007 14:49

Amongst the wave of multicultural cheerleading and anti-American slop that pours forth from NPR, I heard this wonderful little glimpse of reality that was offered by Frank Miller, comic book writer/artist.

I was sitting there in my car, parked outside a building I was headed to for a work delivery. The background noise of NPR was just funneling into my ears and falling into that pit where well-presented but entirely irrational content ends up.

I pulled the emergency brake and shut off the car. And then the host introduced Mr. Miller and briefly listed his accomplishments in comics and film. The host set the stage for Miller's take on the state of the nation.

My brain was like, blah, blah, America bad, terrorists misunderstood, Bush evil...

And then.


I owed this guy an apology. He wasn't saying anything of the sort. He was saying our nation is crumbling from within, acting like a dying empire. He was saying this notion that all cultures are equal is nonsense, plus it's damaging. He was saying that our current enemy is every bit as dangerous as the one we faced in World War II, that America has come to be known by it's missteps while its virtues are ignored. He berated 6th century barbarism and its defenders.

He said it somewhat nervously. His voice was a little shaky. The host was beside himself and absolutely dropped all pretense at impartiality. He tossed out a couple questions that sounded like they were voiced through gritted teeth, like, This guy dares to say this on NPR? He raised issue with Miller's comparison to WWII and pointed out do understand that Nazi Germany had declared war on us, don't you.

Fascist Islamic terrorists have not?

Miller hung in there and weathered the few uncomfortable moments he had left on the show. I was cheering in my car. I was smiling into the sun in my windshield and thinking that this man, Frank Miller was courageous to voice such an unpopular opinion in such a hostile forum. Perhaps we can save America after all, I thought.

Edited Jan. 30, 2007 01:19


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