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I'm With Stupid
by Jeremy Browning
Feb. 12, 2007 21:37

These days, it's hip to be down on man. I saw a political cartoon the other day that showed the earth standing next to a man. Earth was wearing a T-shirt: "I'm with stupid".

No doubt the guy who penned it thought he was really clever.

Perhaps he never stopped to think that all the ingredients to make the pen he held lay impotent for millions of years until the spark of creativity in man's mind brought it to be.

Without man on earth, there are no concepts. It's just a giant machine click-clocking through the millenniums. Boring. Not even boring. Just .

Until a man reaches out his hand and forms a clay pot, a scribble of charcoal and a pair of sandals. It goes on that way, beautifully growing, as each new generation brings to life the dreams of the past. It goes on that way until there is a land called America, where starvation is forgotten, where even the lazy live abundant lives while the tide of human creation -- the most important and interesting phenomenon there is -- holds aloft the great masses.

Yeah, it makes way for many who don't deserve it. The minor offenders spend their lives watching TV and getting fat, absorbing ridicule from the rest of the world. Then there are all the violent evildoers, the rapists and thugs, thieves and scoundrels. But the biggest god-damned fools of all, ever more offensive than the NASCAR lover, KFC junkie and the criminal alike, is he who scoffs at man in general, at man's potential in general, at man's very nature, and then dares to rattle-on about the beauty of the unintelligent universe, which in his dreams would click-clock on without the scourge of man, without a spark of thought or the rapture of those who behold the spark.

Not just a fool, but the most wretched villain is that man. His confusion at man's greatness will fester as he grows older and the contrast becomes unbearable to behold: the image of his life and ambitions as against the lives and ambitions of great men. It will all seem like magic to him, because while he will at times have tasted the spark of creativity, he will forever be confounded by the monumental effort of perseverance it requires to bring about anything truly new.

And so he will set about with his friends and their friends. They'll talk each other silly and work themselves into a frenzy of man-hating until they will come for you and me.

It will start with bothersome rules. There will be inconveniences and many things that just don't feel right. They will curse the nature of man while telling us that they alone know how to correct it. They'll outlaw our smoke and our drink, our food and our guns, our words and our customs.

It is a short step from taking "windfall" profits to taking all profits.

Then comes "private" property.

I tell you this: In the blink of an eye comes the unthinking gaze of our captors, hurtling insults, carrying clubs and goading us back to our cells.

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