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Mike Wallace = Snob
by Jeremy Browning
Jan. 28, 2009 16:43

Check out the smug grin on Mike Wallace's face at 1:43 in this video. He's trying to grill Ayn Rand about her "system of self-sufficiency" and the potential dangers of a monopoly. You can't beat the look on his face -- the self-assured snobbery of an altruist attacking Ayn Rand. It's beautifully ironic.

The exchange takes place right after Wallace tries to pin Rand down about whether or not she supports her husband, who at the time was studying to become a painter. True to the most common misconceptions about Objectivism, Wallace fails to comprehend that selfishness very often includes helping other people. "And there is no contradiction here in that you help him?" Wallace asks.

Rand grins at his simplistic attack question and calmly explains the concept to Wallace. "No, you see because I am in love with him selfishly. It is in my own interest to help him if he ever needed it. I would not call that a sacrifice because I take selfish pleasure in him"

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