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Reality Always Wins: Climate Science Edition
by Jeremy Browning
Nov. 24, 2009 11:30

You know my mantra that, try as you might, you can't fake reality.

And you know I've been suspicious of the conclusions and policy recommendations of anthropogenic global warming cheerleaders because of they way they've found it to be a much too convenient tool to denounce capitalism and industry.

I've suggested that the (politically motivated) conclusions preceded the research.

Today may be the beginning of reality's revenge if this Washington Times editorial can be trusted.

Here's a snip:

It was announced Thursday afternoon that computer hackers had obtained 160 megabytes of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in England. Those e-mails involved communication among many scientific researchers and policy advocates with similar ideological positions all across the world. Those purported authorities were brazenly discussing the destruction and hiding of data that did not support global-warming claims.

Further interesting reading can be found on the James Delingpole Climategate post at the blog.

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