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Ron Paul Runs Circles Around Obama When it Comes to Understanding Mankind's Need for Freedom
by Jeremy Browning
Jul. 29, 2010 10:49

I've written before about Government Worship, which is probably the religion of your son or daughter if he or she attends a major university in this country. If he's hip, if she's Green.

In the same way that it takes courage to be an atheist when surrounded by true believers, it takes courage to be a young person today who is politically "atheist" and refrain from worshiping at the altar of Big Government whilst one's friends, one's favorite bands and one's professors exalt the notion that the Iron Fist of government, through green initiatives and wealth-spreading legislation, will save us from ourselves.

Clearly, Ron Paul gets it. This is from his column "America's Strength is Freedom, Not Government".
Big government has been tried and has failed miserably. What we need now is small government, and freedom. We need the freedom to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps again, as we traditionally do in this country.

But try to start a business or charity today, and you will understand how little economic freedom we really have left. Freedom, not government, made this the land of opportunity. Freedom laid the foundation that catapulted us to becoming the strongest economic power in the world. The American people are strong and capable. We can pull ourselves out of this mess. All we need is for the nanny-state to get out of the way and allow us to do it. Freedom is our strength, government is our weakness. Only by recognizing this and unleashing our strengths will we solve the problems we face today.

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