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Eat the Rich
by Jeremy Browning
Apr. 29, 2011 11:03

I keep hearing about this great idea to solve our money problems by taking it away from all of George Bush's rich friends.

This video does a pretty good job of showing how these kinds of Kindergarten solutions play out.

This Eat The Rich mentality *is* a Kindergarten solution to a Grown-up problem. It's like, "Seriously, that's your plan?"

Other Kindergarten solutions to Grown-up problems:
We can run our country off of wind power.
We can "Save the Earth."
We can indefinitely spend more than money than we have.

Have you ever noticed that liberals get so excited about "Sustainability" in the realms of energy and natural resources or Walmart's business practices, but when it comes to the country's finances, they behave exactly as the greediest logger clomping through the woods and felling every tree in sight without regard for future lumber needs or the health of the overall forest.

The bottom line is that we cannot continue to spend money at current levels without foreshadowing a very dire breakdown of society. The only question is how long we can stave off the disaster. Or we can start spending less right now... like at noon today, for instance.

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